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Jolly and the Bike

So we’re halfway through the Easter holidays.

And it’s been great. No, really!

Admittedly not much work has been achieved, but enough so that I’m not fretting or grumpy. And not so much that the children are fretting and grumpy.

What was that? I found a balance? Really? Shazam and huzzah!

I have also had the delicious delight of watching Jolly learn to cycle – finally finally finally we removed the stabilisers (actually, that’s not true, we just plopped him on to Boys bike as his was FAR too small) and out we went, just the two of us. He was a wibbly wobbly Boy of Nervousness… but he persevered, he actually listened and absorbed advice, he took a deep breath and smiled when a tearful frustrated tantrum threatened to overwhelm him… and he did it. By George, he really Did It.

I was so thrilled  and proud I forgot my camera РMOST unlike me Рbut will get a shot of him later for you to coo over.

Of course, that meant that Boy no longer owned a bike – but then he was a bit long-legged for it anyway. So he eased himself into No.1’s saddle… and looked like it was made for him.

So, of course, C and No.1 went shopping, and No.1 came home with a brand new (small adult – *wibble*) bike.

And so, to top-fill my joy, I watched No.1 riding with his brothers, haring along at speed just like any other normal energetic 11 year old. Throwing himself off when red and sweaty, downing a large glass of water, then heading back out for more. Calling and laughing, doing ‘stunts’, racing… and at night falling into bed exhausted but content and pain free, drifting straight into a good nights sleep.

And that, right there, dear readers, is the happiest Happy of all.

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