So – plans, ambitions, hopes and dreams for what 2010 will bring?

Me – I still have piles of laundry, though it is more organised than it was. The bedroom is still waiting… and I still weigh the same as I did last January (but no more, which is something). Apart from that and the puppy (soon, soon… maybe…), I think I made it through 2009 pretty well. We weathered the (scary big) financial crisis, and I have finished the year in a calm, positive, determined and apparently ambitious frame of mind. We never did make it camping though.

This year…

Doing this I’ve actually realised that I’m pretty content right now. The camping is still there, as is the butterfly (maybe this’ll be the year I defy the butterfly brain…) and the puppy. Family front and centre, of course, and the bedroom is still on the agenda. This years ‘me’ picture is a 1940’s shot – I love it, encapsulates all I’m aiming for. The freedom, the happiness, the cycling, and the 40’s care and attention to personal self. This year I WILL finish as a well-groomed presentable Mumma. It’s not about the weight so much as the paying attention. You wouldn’t have found our grandparents stepping out on the school run with hair barely brushed, skanky ole jeans and need-a-clean shoes. I’m not talking about full works, but a quick peek in the mirror once or twice a day, some nice underwear (get thee behind me nursing bras), and clothes that fit AND suit me. That’s the plan…
LittleStuff- – Good Things planned this year. Big Things.
Oh, and the pregnancy – that’s NOT ME! That’s a hint of Grand Things for C… all things being equal.
And the quotes – seems I’m a bit excited this year. Have an irrepressible feeling that All Things Are Possible. Suppose it’s a natural consequence of surviving the crapheap that was the 08/09 mix – you hear me Universe? This is our year – so be on your toes.