We saw the CFS team yesterday who were lovely (and not too airyfairyhappyclappycaringandsincere either), and very positive. It was a Q&A form-filling session for them to understand the background and where Cam is right now – and really I learned as much from him as them.

He was being very honest and a few things came out which I didn’t know about. He was very tearful and emotional at one point too, which was a bit upsetting. It was all a bit of an eye opener, actually.

I certainly didn’t expect lines like “I HAVE to get back to school. I HAVE to. It’s SATS this year, and I HAVE to do really well, and get good grades, because they stay on my record and affect everything at high school”.


Followed by
“and what happens if you don’t get good grades No.1? Do you get upset?”

“Yes! I get really frustrated and angry at myself.” (tears now sparking in eyes, the I’m-upset rash appearing on forehead).

Where the hell did the whole stress about grades come from?

He had to grade his own energy levels throughout the day on a 1-10 score, which was interesting, and it became very apparent that his mood/energy is closely linked to food – which she’s referring back to consultant about, so maybe another school of investigation there.


On the whole, it was very positive and helpful. He has taken from the whole thing that his mood is linked to his energy levels, and if he tries to be cheerful, it will help him get better quicker.

Also, he’s back to school Tues & Thurs, just till morning break.

SOOOO excited about that!

Sensible nice lady, didn’t talk down to No.1, picked up very quickly when he was upset (tissues were discretely placed) and also when his attention had disappeared (I was a bit shocked at the marked definition when his attention span had reached its limits).

Lots of useful understanding came out of it, and next session (10 days time) we go through another detailed Q&A session about his activity, and from there can plan the rehab. The trick is to level his daytime energy score to a steady flat line (currently boom-and-bust in a 4-6-3-7-0 line), and then build up strength and activity.

So all good. And No.1 seems very very positive – I think he appreciated just being taken seriously, and feeling like people are helping, and that things CAN be done to make him better. He also aparently felt there was no cure for how he felt, and he’d feel this way forever and ever.

And going back to school is a MASSIVE incentive – he’s been so very very low since Monday, and have been concerned it was a quick backwards slide, so no matter  how little time he can manage before he switches off, I want him going in and mixing with friends/teacher/normal life.