…but not today.

Today is definitely a Not Okay day.

Have just been blue this morning – No.1’s going significantly downhill now the others are back at school. Two bad evenings, and much more moody and sulky and pale and slow again. *Sigh* He was doing SO well, and I’m sure so much of it is psychological – he’s very down at everyone else being back at school and finding himself alone and isolated once more.

And on my part I had a mental “it’s just not bloody FAIR” moment at myself this morning on the drive back from school. Porper thumpy-steering-wheel-hot-angry-tears episode.
This is his Year Six. HIS year – and yet he’ll not be there to enjoy being a King of this particular small playground. Not able to run for school council, or head of house, he’ll not be on the football team (not that he had much chance, but he so desperately wanted to try it one last time), nor be on the inter-schools quiz thing he helped set up last year. He’s just missing so bloody much…

Most days it’s okay, but today it makes me very angry, and very very sad.