Boys have just left for school, and as I walked through the house I had to smile (half-heartedly, tbh) at the signs of my night all around me.
Lounge – rug still strewn across the sofa from midnight comforting of feverish baby whilst watch re-runs of Qi and Never Mind the Buzzocks, and eventually BabyTV at 3 a.m.
Kitchen – baby cup only 1/4 full of water still by the kettle, box from one-handed unwrapping of new bottle of nurofen (thank goodness) at 2 this morning, litter of medicine spoons from rotation of calpol and nurofen on stubborn fever
Bathroom – bath still has now-cold couple of inches of water from sponging off fever baby
Bear’s room – bedding and vest in heap on floor from sudden nappy leakage at 4 a.m. (just when she’d got to sleep for the first time for 3hrs, of course), spare bed rumpled and very slept in
Our room – bed hardly rumpled at all.
Mirror on stairs – Mummy still in dressing gown, hair on end, and desperately in need of coffee, but feeling pleased that despite not waking until 8.15, all boys have had breakfast, brushed teeth, had lunches made, got clean uniforms on, and were out the door with an equally-knackered daddy *almost* on time…

Needless to say, Bear is fine and dandy this morning…