So Bear hates the potty. She has perfect control – we don’t have accidents, not at all.
Try and get her to actually wee on the potty or toilet?
Not a hope. She hasn’t had a nappy on since she got up this morning. She has drunk two full beakers of pure orange juice (necessary for the constipation which is a story for another post). And still she hops from foot to foot, clutches herself, squeaks for a nappy – but magically the wee is ‘all gone’ as soon as she is forced/bribed/tricked into sitting on the potty. We’ve been on potty watch, playing this merry little potty-on-potty-off dance for the last two hours. I have two Waybuloo stickers of my own for successful wee trips to the toilet. Big brother has read countless stories whilst she sits on the potty. We have watched unending back-to-back Spongebob and Waybuloo.

Sit she’ll unwillingly do. But she point-blank refuses to go.

How long can she possibly last? Am I damaging her forever by not giving in? Will I damage her forever if I do? Will I ever get anything else achieved today?


Can I swap her for a blue one please? They were far easier to train…