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What I Saw on Blue’s Walk Today – Floods

Blue goes to London – and doesn’t break the BBC!

We did it! We made it to London and back without breaking anything or losing ourselves! We left home at…

Blue and me is goin’ on the telly… :O

Last week an envelope from John Lewis Insurance plopped onto the mat – Pet Insurance Renewal Time. Total Horrors when…

Blue is Broken.

So, Blue has been limping since Easter. At first we thought it was soft tissue damage – a couple of…

Walking in the woods

Yet another glooooorious autumn day, so we did what every other self-respecting family did and took ourselves out into it.

Happy Birthday Blue

You arrived unexpectedly – a large dollop of a bear-puppy, all tummy and feet and soft nuzzly nose. You have…

Mothering Sunday chez Mamafour.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast – perfectly cooked by no.1 Jolly offered me a cup of tea – and then whispered…

Spring has Sprung

What I Saw On Our Walk Today

Sadly, I also saw Blue still limping. And the evenings after slightly longer walks she is starting to yelp and…

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