Spent the morning drinking coffee with the man, and slow-roasting a shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings. Family lunch with the inlaws – the lamb with peas, home-grown carrots, french beans, perfect (huzzah!) roasties, and onion sauce (too thin) followed by apricot and apple crumble, custard (too think) and ice cream (not mine).
Then a peaceful coffee whilst Bumpa was nabbed by Bear, No.1 whisked Gangy off to his room to admire the latest Lego creation (spaceship with docking port and holding bay in case you were wondering), Boy and Jolly disappeared into the garden with a Big Plan in their eyes… so I sat down with my book and my coffee. Marvellous!
Then we played Junior Monopoly, two rounds of Tell Me (one hilarious one with Boy as adjudicator – “I am NOT going on until you all pay attention”.. “I sanybody actually LISTENING to me?”, a small freeforall boys wrestling session, sleeping tigers, cushion islands in shark infested waters, and Freeze! (which was supposedly a nice quiet winding-down game but turned into a riotous noise-fest which had to be abandoned due to hysterical giggling. And that was just the parents and grandparents.).

Crumpets for tea, and a quiet post-children evening discussing Life with the in laws. Happy Rainy Day Sunday.