School tomorrow. Boy and Jolly beside themselves, absolutely cannot wait.

No.1 is finding it tough emotionally – watching them, knowing what they’re going back to, not being able to do the same.

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And I am so sad he’s not going – it’s the first day of Yr6, his chance to strut his stuff and be a king of the playground.


Consultant tomorrow afternoon, and then CFS team first appointment on Thursday.

Friday I have an appointment to speak on the phone to schools doctor re. home tutoring.

He’s dipped a bit the last few days – nothing like he was at the start of the holidays, but a little less sunny, a little more uncomfortable. We have wondered if is coinciding with return to school for a reason – C thinks he feels the need to validate himself as ‘sick’, especially as his glands are still small (thank gawd, he actually has a proper neck shape for the first time in about 6mths, instead of a thick trunk going from ears to shoulders) and not painful, which his usual first symptom.

But I am also aware that I am inclined to think he’s a drama queen, and sometimes I need to step back and just believe him, rather than being unsympathetic and dubious.

On the upside, we went swimming today – he probably did a little too much but he’s just ‘a bit sick and uncomfortable’ – at the start of the holidays half as much swimming would have had him curled in a ball crying by this time of night.

So muchos improvement, really, in the grand scheme of things.