So there I was, my post-holiday tired self sofa-slumped (gloaty holiday post full of pictures to come later. I’m too glum about being home to write it yet), and the Sunday night viewing included Dragon’s Den.

A show through which we both spend an enjoyable hour shouting at the TV; alternately bellowing at the idiots and their ideas, and at the Dragons and their irritating smugness.

Anyhoo, shouty and bellowy as we were, there was one business proposal on Sunday which left me open mouthed.
And cross to the point of despair, actually.

It was a First Aid Training company, set up by a Doctor, a Paramedic and Nurse – and they ran courses teaching the likes of thee and me about CPR and emergency response etc.

So far, so good.
As the course of the conversation continued, it transpired that (I think) 40% of their clientele is NHS trusts.

NHS Trusts.

You know, those people who train and employ doctors and nurses and paramedics.

NHS Trusts providing a £100k+ income for this private consultancy made up of.. erm… an NHS Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic.

NHS Trusts are paying out those thousands and thousands of OUR pounds to train other non-medical staff in emergency first aid.


Was I the only one who saw what was wrong with that picture?

What – they can’t find anyone in-house to do it?

Is it me?
If I was a little bit older and a little bit more blue rinsed I’d start loudly chuntering here about the pathetic state of the country we live in, and the mess our national state has become.
But I’m not.
So I’ll shut up instead.