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*tut* Sorry I’m late Miss, it was Nickie and Sandy’s fault…

I got up this morning and my first thoughts were about the things I want to get done today – the things I NEED to get ticked off my scary-long To Do list.

So (unusually for me, believe it or not) I flicked on the computer BEFORE I headed towards the shower and the kettle. So by the time I came back from the shower, mug in hand, everything had whirred it’s way into a humming state of happy, and I could flick through my mails whilst badgering children to eat/brush/dress/no-not-that-filthy-jumper-there’s-a-clean-one-in-your-drawer.

But in my emails was my Bloglovin daily update. Which had an interesting-looking post from Nickie over on Typecast about last week’s Blogcamp that I just had to quickly read…

And naturally I had to go and see what she was talking about on Sandy’s blog.

And then I HAD to just pop on the link to see what the Snarkiness had been about….

And THAT’s why I was late for school.

See? Not my fault at ALL.





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