No. 1 completed the week in school.

He really did.

The school provided a laptop for him to use while he can’t write, he was a little shocked at our refusal to go and collect him twice – but it did kick him into making more of an effort, and he actually felt quietly satisfied with himself that he had managed it. Of course, being in school more means more contact with his friends, more confidence in his own ability to cope, and finally seeing school as a regular ordinary thing again,  rather than a shall-I-shan’t-I option to exert himself over.

This term he’s finally back to a full day – but not a full timetable yet. He doesn’t do PE, and the last lesson of the day he spends in the ‘special needs’ room, where he has access to a computer, can do his homework, or catch up on lessons he has missed. It seems to be working really well…

And the knock on is that he’s sleeping better, of course, as he’s more tired.

It’s a wonderfully positive circle. Fingers crossed we’re on the downhill run now.

Oh, and he finally had his hair cut. Better, no?