Scrambled eggs for breakfast – perfectly cooked by no.1 Jolly offered me a cup of tea – and then whispered loudly to No.1 “will you show me how to make Mummy a cup of tea?”.

Sofa time with my small people, with the most magnificent cards and gifts any mother got. Sorry, I know your love yours, but quite clearly – mine were Best.

An afternoon exploring and running and jumping on a hill fort – and the obligatory game of Block. Which Blue was particularly bad at, giving away every hiders position one after another with smug irrespressibly bouncy glee, no matter how often we hissed at her to go away.

Home for movie night, and the boys ‘treating’ me – to¬† their very favourite burger-and-chips-from-the-pizza-shop. *eyeroll*. But hey, I didn’t cook.

From Bear – a hand-flower, and a picture of me. Yes my feet are that big and red.
Jollys card – get that Roman mosaic.
And from Boy – an acrostic poem:

M is for making me Happy

O is for Outstanding Mothering

T is for treating me sweets and chocolate

H is for Having you around

E is for Everything you have done for me

R is for being ready to help me.

And from No.1 – an origami card, plus (accidentally) my favourite quote from my hero Winnie the Pooh “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus one day so I never have to live without you”
And No.1 also made me this most beautiful of sculptures in Art.



Five on a hill
Always the same – the boys explore
… and Bear tries very hard to keep up