The boy is addicted. Sky+ is filling rapidly as there’s an episode nearly ever day… but he won’t miss it. He’s traumatised if a favourite contestant leaves, he’s gripped by the challenges, and most importantly of all he’s INSPIRED.

Oh yes.

“Mum, can we have Vietnamese Duck Curry tonight?”

Carrot custard would go really well with that…”

“I think I’d like to help with dinner. Do you have Scallops in the fridge?”


Don’t get me wrong, I love the boys enthusiasm, and I’m encouraging where I can. But really, feeding a  family of six on a  budget doesn’t cover

Quail Dolmades with Yoghurt and Tahini Vinaigrette

But – where his culinary creativity can usually run wild is dessert. And today he decided that it was all down to him (we don’t have dessert often – when Jolly saw it being prepared he immediately asked who was coming for dinner. Poor, deprived child.). So he checked cupboard contents, and devised his own recipe to suit.

And all by himself he made shortbread. And lemon mousse. And Peach puree (“reduction, Mum, reduction…”). And stole the ice cream.

And then he insisted on ‘plating up’…

He was disappointed with the presentation – apparently the mousse was too loose, the shortbread too thick, and the ice cream too melty.

But there were six scraped clean plates, and a beaming boy heaped with praise and thanks.