Dear Mr McManus

You don’t know me, but I’m writing in the hope you can help solve a mystery! I live in the UK, and whilst visiting a castle with my family recently, my son came across a digital camera lost in long grass.
The camera had obviously been open to the elements for some time, and was clearly beyond repair – but it had an intact memory card inside. We brought it home, dried it off – and now have nearly 400 family images on it from 2009.
We downloaded the images to see if we could trace the owner – there are a lot of personal family and holiday images which I would be sad to lose if they were mine.

I’m now in the process of tracking them down – hence my mail to you! It quickly became apparent that the owner is from the US, and there are a number of photographs of a girls soccer team. The shirts have the Nomads logo, and hunt around Google led me to your site – and a picture of you (at which point we cheered as we have a few pictures of you on the card!). So I’m hoping you may recognise someone for me… I have attached a few pictures,  and my instinct is that the soccer player (bottom right in front of your feet in the group photo, about to over balance!) is the younger sister, and it is the older sister’s camera we found – I’m guessing she is the one in the purple t-shirt.
I would really appreciate it if you could forward my email/contact details to the girl whose images I am holding.
I’m really hoping you can help, I’d love to be able to return the images to the owner!

I look forward to hearing from you…

Who are you?