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Tara’s Gallery, Week 16 – Creatures

It’s been a bit of a creature week this week…

First we found this in the garden:

No idea what Moth it will be – any one else know? We’ve tried to find out but can’t see it anywhere…

Then we spotted this:

It’s the start of a wasps nest which thankfully was abandoned fairly quickly – there were just 8 hexagons built inside, and it was fascinating to look at, the paper construction is so delicate (it is now stored in a jar in no.1’s bedroom…).

But best of all was this:

No.1 was given a butterfly garden for Christmas, and the caterpillars arrived a few weeks ago. We watched hem grow at a very fast rate into Big Fat caterpillars, and then the cocoon stage (which was a bit dull). But last weekend they hatched! We missed the first ones, but the last one conveniently hatched itself when no.1 was in his room, so we all got to watch. it was amazing.

Once he’d watched them for a couple of days we had the Grand Release ceremony, which was an oddly exhilarating thing, setting them free…

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