Boy’s been about the sickest I’ve ever had a child be, I think.

I could not believe his body was still trying desperately to be sick when he was quite simply totally empty.

Poor boy.

He’d nod off in exhaustion, and 15 minutes later would be springing awake and groaning over the bucket again.
But – nothing since yesterday morning, and this morning he’s had a nibble of some food and has raised a smile, so I’m thinking we’re finally in the clear.

Fingers crossed no one else gets it…
Anyhoo, holiday is two weeks today – two weeks in France, courtesy of Keycamp. 2 days in Paris (dinner in Paris planned for my birthday, the day we travel!) and a day at Disney, then a drive down to the Loire for 10 days just outside Tours. SO excited – haven’t been abroad since our honeymoon, bought the children passports a few years ago (Bear is about a year old in hers) but have never used them!
But so many lists, so many things to DOO_O_OO_!