Well. What a difference two weeks can make.

Firstly – the sun is out! No, really, it is! The windows are flung wide, the washing is on the line, the garden is NOISY with busy birds, and the garden is finally filled with heavy clouds of scented air. I LOVE this time of year in our garden.

Secondly – I didn’t want to speak too soon… but No.1 is about to complete a full 5-day week in school. And and AND. Every night he has been packing up voluntarily as he felt tired, and hasĀ  been asleep BEFORE 9.30. Every. Single. Night.

Can’t tell you the deep, quiet joy that fact brings.

It’s because the SATS are finally over – school is suddenly about fun learning again. The days are very loosely structured, they are doing interesting project work rather than formal lessons, and he’s thriving. Enough stimulation and activity to wear him out, but not so much he gets the overtired active brain and body pains that keep him awake at night. He even tried out for the rounders team yesterday – he’s desperate to get in, as he’s not made a single team all year, obviously.

Boy and Jolly are both their usual cheerful selves – both doing really well at school, both just scooting merrily through their days. Jolly especially keeps surprising us. I mentioned to C that I was listening to an interesting radio programme about Florence Nightingale in the Crimean war – Jolly interjected with “yes, but she only spent two years out there Mummy. It was when she came back to London she did all the important stuff, and wrote her book on nursing” and proceeded to tell me far more than I knew on Florence.

The boy clearly has his fathers ear for History – absorbs it like a sponge.

Bear has had a sad week – she’s got tonsillitis, and has been rather sorry for herself. Thankfully today she seems to have turned the corner and be feeling brighter again – hopefully that will mean a little more sleep on offer!


Now life appears to be back on track, maybe I’ll find a little more time for things.

Har har.