So. No.1’s cleverness. Waa-a-y back in Yr 5, pre-illness, he was targeted as high L5 for his SATS. When he came back into school last September they dropped that to a hopeful 4.

He was re-targeted before Easter – at 5A/B across the board.

SO proud of my boy. He’s missed almost an entire academic year in total, and despite the schools doctor and consultant agreeing he needs additional one-to-one tuition to help him keep up he received NOTHING. He has had absolutely no academic help whatsoever from the LEA, just random and sporadic homework from his teacher. And look at him now.

Had lo-o-ong meeting with his teacher today – had a few issues to sort out, and went in to the playground feeling cross; then No.1 came out and said he’d been weighed by the school nurse and the whole class knew he was the second heaviest (after we completed their form weeks ago and requested NO WEIGHING to prevent just such an occurrence for the sensitive boy)… By the time I made it into the classroom to see the teacher I was FURIOUS (period had just started, so I Was Full Of Wrath and Most Vengeful).
However, teacher was equally as wrathful, went puce at the fact the school had ignored a direct request from a parent on a health issue (I think his words were “Gawd! What if it had been on religious grounds? You could have sued us and hung us out to dry!”) , and will investigate forthwith. Fingers crossed no more teasing shall occur.

Anyhoo, he not only praised No.1 to the skies, he filled with tears when I drew him a complete picture of how No.1 is at home – I know they only see the best bits, and pretty much think he’s ‘better’ now (*whispers* I may have exaggerated a te-e—ensy bit about how often the bad episodes were, but on the back of three bad nights I felt justified). He also said that No.1 has returned to school with the best work ethic that he’s had in two years, he’s calmer, more patient, kinder to the not-so-brights and just far more chilled – which if course has led to him being far more popular.
Beams all round, much teacher/parent self congratulation.

The bullying incidents occurring with one vile and acidic boy are being closely monitored, and I’m confident will be dealt with.

He has been withdrawn from the residential activities week that is the ultimate goal of all Yr6’s – he’s been fretting over how he’ll cope with the nights, we’ve been seriously worried how he’ll cope with the days. But instead of him wafting around the school once again feeling isolated and alone while his entire class are off rock climbing/abseiling/kayaking/midnight feasting we have been given permission to whisk the family off to France at the same time, taking the other two out of school, and enjoying some much-needed family-in-the-sun time.

In fact his teacher (who is the deputy head)’s words were ‘after the crap year you’ve all had, I think it’s the least you need’.

The SATS pressure was discussed, and it was clear he’s carefully trying to walk a fine line, and is only too aware that when he tries to instigate some fear into a lazy child or two who simply refuses to pull their weight, he knows the rest of the class is listening, feeling guilty, and piling on the pressure to themselves. Still don’t like SATS, but am feeling slightly mollified at his attitude now I’ve spoken in person.

Blimey. This parenting lark. Just keeps on getting more and more compulcated, as a small boy used to say.