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Bad Mother award…

Oh my.

So what helps rank you as being a bad mother?

Obviously I’m being cheery here, I’m not talking about serious you-should-never-have-had-children kinds of bad mothers.

No – I mean the really, you’re just-not-quite-cutting-it-in-the-parental-stakes-today kind of stuff.

Like today.

Today was one of my top five Bad Mother days I think.

First day back at school – and as usual, around 8.25 I start to think about PE kits… but actually they are sorted without too much drama. Then I realise we haven’t made school dinner menu choices yet (we’ve only had two weeks, after all) so am hollering those out at them as they pack their bags.

And then they go to put their shoes on.

Which is the point that I remember looking at their very very worn out old shoes on the last day of term, and plopping them happily in the bin – confidently stating we’d go shoe shopping over the holidays…

Guess who went to school in trainers today?


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