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The Gallery – Joy

This one was trickier than I expected. The obvious choice is an image of the children laughing, enjoying, just being.

But I wanted to avoid the obvious – Joy is such a deep, searing emotion, and I’m so lucky to have so much of it in my life. We are a family which takes a LOT of photos, and I have so very many to choose from for this.

But this week, right now, amid all the happiness of the school holidays and the long days just doing ‘happy stuff’ there have been moments when I have simply felt my insides sing.

Moments which wouldn’t look like much to anyone else, but for me, for us, they have such enormous meaning. And such deep, deep joy in watching.

That’s No.1.

Being 11.

Running, laughing, falling, being stoopid…

And right now, there’s nothing much more joyful than that.

(for those new to the blog, here’ s precisely why these images fill us with joy…)

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