Appeal set in motion. Teacher to write Full and Glowing Letter of Recommendation – and seems to think there’s hope. Only one boy in the primary school’s village got accepted – despite living 2km further away than the letter stated was the closing point geographically (parents of said child are oh-so-slurpy-chummy with the head, and mother works for the LEA. Suspicious? MOI?? I’m shocked you would think such a thing).

So. Here starteth my role as pushy parent. Doesn’t sit comfy I tell you. Have to go to a actual real and proper hearing an’ everything.


AND it means I now have to bite my tongue at lovely-helpful Yr 6 teacher, instead of going in and ripping his head off his shoulders for scaring a bunch of 10/11 yr olds witless over their ‘exams’ which he mentions ten times an hour. Oh, and did I mention No.1 is in remedial lessons with the head? REMEDIAL! “Are the kids who are struggling at the botom of the class in this remedial lesson?” I hear you ask.

No, dear reader, they are not. Just the ones who could get a level 5, and who have slipped up a bit.



Just to get the school startlingly amazing SATS results for the new head/deputy team to wave about in response to the recent poor showing in the OFSTED more like.

But we’ll not mention that, no we will not. Because Mr Mack is writing me a nice letter with lovely glowing things in, so he is. Was very kind and proud of my lovely boy on the phone, so he was, so we’re temporarily overlooking the blatant hothousing.