I have tonsillitis.

We missed our long-planned-much-needed-oh-so-rare two week summer holiday opportunity (bloody weddings) because of No.1 and waiting for the consultant. Now we have a teeny window for 6 days, have found a cottage in our beloved Brecon Beacons… and I’m dosed up to the eyeballs with anti-bi’s and shivering and shaking when I move 10ft.
Also means that all the work we NEED to get done before we go is now backing up and am working at a ploddingly slow speed to get through it, whilst C is working at breakneck speed to process two weddings AND stop house falling down and ensure children are fed, watered and have something clean to wear.


I know I’ll be fine in a day or so… and in the grand scheme of current stuff it’s not much. I just wanted a moan.

As you were