So, the diagnosis is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or ME).

The fab news is that its nothing ‘serious’ – as in life threatening. My suspicions weren’t unfounded and they have been checking him closely as they did suspect lymphoma. But all is well, and there is nothing sinister in that way going on.

On the downside, it’s a long long recovery. If we’re lucky, in 6mths time he may be doing 3-4 mornings at school a week. Maybe. He was very very loose about recovery time, but I suspect at least a year before he’s back to normal, possibly longer. Sigh.

But hey ho. Onwards and upwards. We now have a diagnosis, know what we’re dealing with, and can move on. He has been referred to the CFS team who will work with him regularly, has to see the consultant (who was wonderful) every 6 weeks, he said acupuncture may help, and he will notify the school’s doctor who will recommend home-tutoring.

So, we’re digging in for the long haul – No.1 was quite depressed at no magic fix, but relieved the consultant didn’t tell him he was faking.