X-rays and ultrasound done last Wednesday, and showed nothing at all. Consultant appointment came through – for 6h July! This is the consultant who said by email he wanted to see Cam asap when tests were complete!
He was a lot lot brighter last week, and on Saturday we decided to walk to the local annual fete thing. Ten minute walk there and back, with an hours meander around the stalls. He thoroughly enjoyed being out, and when we got home wanted to go out on his skateboard – which we said no, he’d done enough.

He had a tantrumy sulk-fest, said he was better, going back to school Monday, wasn’t really ill any more at all, he needed to get out and do something, he was fine, fine FINE….

He was in bed by 6.30, and spent the whole of Sunday quietly resting in his room, his glands back to golf balls.
Went to see GP yesterday – she promised to nudge the consultant and see if we can get him seen sooner – this is his 9th week off school, and at this rate he’ll not be going back this term.

Am a bit snippy with the school tbh. I’ve kept them up to date with how he is, and his teacher has provided some work (occasionally, under prodding encouragement). But not once has there been a card or note to wish him well or ask how he is. The head (bear in mind is a small village school, one class per year of around 25 kids) sees me most days in the playground – and never once has approached to ask how No.1 is doing. Other parents yes, and the lovely school receptionist, but not teacher or head. Is it me, or would you expect that?

He’s really not dreadfully ‘ill’, just not getting better. And being very irritating in his whimpering now, to be perfectly frank…