That’s all I had to say really…

well, maybe I’ll add a
and a loud
*fffffFFFfaaahhhhhhhh* noise too.
and maybe a little
*ENOUGH already! Sheesh!*

Just feeling sorry for myself this morning – had a really crappy night. Jolly came home from school feeling unwell, and was running a high temp by bedtime. About 3.30 this morning he was sick right outside Boy’s door – Boy promptly woke and came to the bathroom for a wee and a chat whilst I sorted Jolly out.  Of course, the two combined woke up Bear. So whilst Jolly is crying sadly, Boy is chattering merrily, and Bear is wailing furiously I hear in the background No.1 softly crying for his usual 4a.m.-and-I-feel-terrible medicine.
Honestly, the entire house was up… and Boy was complaining that he was BORED in bed, and could he get up and play the wii please?
C of course was sleeping happily… so I yanked him from his slumber to go sort Bear (YAY for weaning!) whilst I finished sorting out Jolly. Packed Boy off to bed with a flea in his ear, and then we both met in No.1’s room for a bit of Daddy sympathy whilst Mummy ministered calpol.

This morning (whilst I was at the library with the biggest two) C had the pleasure of  Bear’s napy leaking at the same time as Jolly had a burst of diarrhoea in the lounge/playroom/hall/stairs (but not the toilet). They’re in cahoots, I tell you.

Happy days!

No.1 is slightly worse – not drastically, but generally a bit more weak and low, and the meds seem to be making the pain manageable rather than disappear now. Still, tests start next week, so hopefully things will move a little quicker now. We had planned to go on holiday for 2 weeks from today. Hey ho – good job we decided to get a last minute deal rather than book in advance, eh?

Okay, thank you, better now.

As you were…