Okay, here’s where we’re at. This is week 5 of mystery virus – gargantuan glands up all around neck, armpits, in mouth etc, and generally feeling like poo. But no temps, and nothing very worrying – like he’s getting over tonsillitis, but just plain not getting over it. GP was running out of options, and just waiting for last batch of results (which have taken two weeks as they are unusual tests) before referring him to the paediatrician.
But he was miles better towards the end of last week – so much so that he spent Sunday afternoon charging around in the pool and wrestling with Joe. Monday morning he was back to school – but looking not-so-good. By lunchtime he couldn’t cope and we collected him. Tuesday morning he was much worse, and deteriorated as the day went on. Only this time he was throwing really high fever – and of course the glands are humungous again.
I spent the day really very worried (as opposed to the the previous three weeks of slightly concerned) but knew I would be seeing the doc this morning so didn’t want to bother her again yesterday. But by 5.30 last night I had had enough and rang her. She insisted he came straight in, and saw him after hours. She was also very concerned, but wondered if this was simply strep, seeing as he is so prone to it and his immunity is so low. So we had overnight monster doses of antibi’s, and had to be back in again this morning.
Today he is improving, slowly. Fever still high, but with spaces between medicine doses, rather than counting the minutes till he’s allowed more. More importantly he is far brighter in himself thank goodness – yesterdays limp and depressed crying boy was sad and scary.
So – we’re still wait-and-see-ing. I speak to the GP again tomorrow, and providing he is improving she wants to see him early next week – by which time the anti-bi’s will have nuked the strep, and we can see what state the virus is in underneath.