Have been busy, and forgot all about this lovely little blog. But instead of feeling the pressure and guilt of all the catchups, I’ll do them as and when necessary, importing from other places – and just keep right on posting, jumping right in from where we’re at.

So. Where are we?
Me – 35. married since I was *just* 18 to the same man. Four children. Love to read, love to write, love to walk and talk and laugh. Love Life.

C – photographer, friend and comedian. Love him.

No.1 – 10 year old son, diagnosed with ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) this year. Amazing, bright boy (no, really, officially Gifted and Talented, they tell me), unbelievably clever at lego modelling and creating stop motions – and equally unbelievable talent at talking non-stop for very long periods of time on Very Dull things.

Boy – middle son, aged 8, stringbean with tin ribs, never stops moving, loves to run, dance, sing, jump and be happy. Clown of the family, utterly passionate in all he does, wears his heart on his sleeve, life is lived at headlong pace, moral compass is physically attached to Magnetic North, our own Enid Blyton 1940’s boy. Just makes the world a better place.

Jolly – youngest son, 6 – soft, sensitive, loud, liquid giggle, likes nothing more than cars, soldiers, playmobile knights and his family. Lives in a cloud; inside the daydreams is a very sharp brain, we are told. But difficult to know for sure through the fluffiness. Contented like a cat whenever he is held, but one of life’s worriers.

Bear. The Girl, 2 – and headstrong, wilful, opinionated and the princess of the family. Charms all who meet her, very very bright, sparky, meltingly beautiful when she smiles… and totally adored.

There. Enough for today – Tea and sunshine needed.