What would your instant reaction be if I said we were considering getting a Rottweiler puppy? And in addition to that question, do you/have you owned a dog?

First off, don’t misunderstood me, we’re in no way novice dog owners thinking a Rottweiler would be ‘way cool’ for a pet. We have looked at many many breeds of dogs (did you know the most common dogbite injury in the UK is caused by a labrador?), and we just keep coming back to the Rottweiler.
We have waited for two years since Holly died, considering when/if/how would be a good time for a new dog. We both adore Rottweiler, and actually contrary to popular perception, they are one of the best family pets you can have. IF you’re prepared to cope with the size and demands of a giant, sensitive and highly intelligent breed of course. As for having the time – that’s half the point. To MAKE us take time away from the ‘puter, to get us outside and walking. Taint no way you can ignore a Rottie in need of some attention!

I think people fall into three camps – we have yet to speak to someone who has owned a Rottweiler themselves who doesn’t say ‘best dog we have EVER had’. Those who know ‘of’ a Rottweiler tend to cautiously say ‘they’re okay, but…’. And those who have no personal experience of them tend to suck their teeth in horror and try to persuade us that a lab would be far more suitable!

We’re not idiots, and not rushing into anything. Our reasons are many and varied, and as long as we know we’re going into dog-ownership (breed is irrelevant for the main decision) responsibly, the choice of breed is down to our own desires, really. However, having already had two friends pretty much say that if we get one, they won’t bring their children to come and stay, we did wonder if that would be a common reaction.

We’re also not stupid enough to buy one cheap from some random stranger on epupz, nor to get a rescue ‘2nd-hand’ dog the way we always have before. We’ve already discounted quite a few simply because they’re already 14-16 weeks, and we want one as young as possible straight from its Mum. We’re in no rush, like I say it was just interesting to see what reactions people had. Me I can’t think of anything more wonderful – but I can see how the sheer size can put many people off, let alone the sad and scary crap press created by stupid ignorant owners.
Have had such mixed reactions, am curious to see what the split is!