Jolly having an evening chat with Daddy in the office before bed, I’m in Bear’s room trying to stuff wriggle bum into some pj’s.
“Daddy, what are all those red crosses on your wall?”
“that’s my calendar Jolly, and those crosses are tell me when I have a wedding”
‘And what are all the ‘S’s?”
“Those are when Stuart has a wedding for Daddy”
“Oh. I know Stuart. I remember him. He has a motorbike”
‘Yes, that’s right”
“yes, I remember him. He came here when you were doing a wedding. He took his helmet off and went upstairs with Mummy.”

Can I just point out that only once has he ever been at the house when C had a wedding, and he was on his way to a wedding himself. He was driving his car, not his bike, on that day, he stood at the back door and never came in, I passed him the cards he needed and he took off…