So, all boys in their respective school/nursery places, C and I trundled off to hospital in the MG. Gorgeous summers day, perfect for pootling the lanes.

Normal hospital visit nightmare with parking, but we managed to finally find a space and get in with 5 minutes to spare. Funny, the first time we went for a scan with Cam, we were clutching the letter, unsure where to go, nervously whispering like a pair of teenagers. This time we strolled straight in chatting about the summer holidays, not even conferring where we needed to go. Been here a few times before!

So we went in when called, and i hopped up on the bed. The sonographer asked a few questions, and we explained that whilst now happy with the pregnancy, we were unsure about dates. Going by the last bleed, we should be 5 weeks or so, but I was a little concerned that the bleed may well ahve been a missed miscarriage, and there would be no baby. At best, we were expecting to see a fuzzy baked bean shape, probably not even a heartbeat yet.

We stared anxiously at the screen, suddenly nervous, watching the fuzzy static that was apparently my insides.

A thick white line appeared, and the sonographer smiled ‘well, there’s definitely someone home’.

Relief flooded my face with a smile, too.

‘And there’s the heartbeat’

‘pardon?’ I excclaimed ‘there shouldn’t be a heartbeat yet, should there?’

‘no, but if I just do this…’ she swung the wand round to a different angle, and there it was. A baby. No fuzzy baked bean at all. Arms, legs, heart blinking away…

‘erm… I’m no expert but thats no 5 week old baby, is it?’

‘ha ha ha, no, not at all. I’m guessing nearer double that.’

I looked at C, and I guess his look mirrored my own – shocked amazement. How did that happen?

The soongrapher did her measuring thing, and then had a really good look round my uterus, as she was concerned by the heavy bleed I’d had. But all appeared find and dandy. The small one was measuring 10 weeks, 6 days, giving me a due date of 21st January. I’d only been pregnant 5 days, and I was nearly 3 months gone!!!

All felt decidedly unreal – I was still acclimatising to the fact of being pregnant again, being suddenly this far along was a bit to much to take in all at once.