You get all caught up with life, being busy, getting things done, keeping the balls in the air and the wheels turning… and then you go on holiday.

And you stop.

And you breathe.

And as you move slowly through these strangely unplanned, unrushed, peace-filled days, your brain starts to turn at its own speed again, uninterrupted by telephones, emails, social media and general 21st century noise.

You find yourself thinking clearly through the foggy issues of recent months.

You make decisions, you make plans, you are ready to make changes.

Because it’s so easy, away from it all, to see what you WANT to do, isn’t it? Stretched out in the warmth of a peaceful afternoon, eyes closed against the baking heat of the sun, your brain is freed from all fetters, ready to roam with big easy strides around that big room at the back of your brain where you shove all the “when I have time, I’m going to…” thoughts. It’s exciting, and liberating, to poke through them, allow those seeds you’ve lobbed inside and shut the door on to grow and blossom into something tangible. You can see it and taste it and you know that’s what you need to do.

But then you come home.
And home is still… home.
There are still bills to pay, work to do, dull problems to be solved, family politics to manage, mess to be cleaned, clothes to be washed… and you see the wheels start to turn, the noise start to gain volume… and your clear simple plan starts to disintegrate before your very eyes. And before you know it the constant dripfeed of The Noise is slowly pushing shut the door to that room again.

So how do you stop that? How do you put out a hand and say “enough of this!”?

How do you find time in the endless rush of busy modern life to shout STOP?

And how do you manage to stop the relentless struggle to pay the bills, to allow yourself to start living?

Answers on a postcard…