Back to the docs this morning (am thinking of paying for my own chair – No.1 and I spend waiting time discussing the merits of the millionaires houses in Country Life). Antibi’s have nuked the strep, he is back to normal with no scary temps.
But we are exactly where we were 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks ago – monster glands all over his body (he cried when she poked around his abdomen and under his rib cage), lethargic, tender, headach-ey and just not right. GP has decided she’s at a dead end and is referring us to consultant paediatrician – we’re waiting to hear back from her. She didn’t want to refer us to the ward, as we’d be seen by a junior houseman and dismissed with ‘it’s viral’ – she wants to discuss with the consultant, go over the case history and get No.1 seen for a 2nd opinion.

So no real news, but maybe a step further to some.