Jolly up at 2 this morning chatting like nobody’s business – sure sign of a high fever with him. Took well over an hour to get him back to sleep – we were sitting and watching Nascar racing at 3 this morning. Bear was unsettled a lot in the night, but nothing apparently wrong.
This morning I was woken by crying Bear at 7 – went to get her, and the smell hit before I got in the room – sick all over the cot. Jolly got up about 5 minutes later, when I was in the throes of bathing sick-girl, and was as white as a sheet, just staggered downstairs and curled up under his rug. Thankfully both older boys shipped off to school okay. Bear back in bed REALLY not well by 9.30 this morning, and Jolly wilted fast late morning and was back in bed by 12.
Phone rang at 1 – ‘Hello, its the school here…’.
Trotted off to collect white-faced and hot Boy child no. 3. Tried to take No.1 too, make it a job lot, but apparently he was feeling okay and as he’s missed so much school recently I left him.
Bear had 3hrs sleep and seems brighter, just not eating – and seriously nasty nappies. Jolly also slept for nearly 3 hrs, but is probably looking worse than this morning. Boy has perked up with a rug a drink and a dvd, but I feel there is still more to come. And of course there’s every chance that No.1, C or I will join in too…