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It had been raining… #happydays

We went for a walk.
It had been raining (of course), but hey ho – we had wellies, and had been stuck indoors for days.
It was time to Get Outside.

We went to the woods. It was lovely. At first.

but as went uphill, conditions went downhill…
wellies in mud
but apparently just got a whole lot more fun…
running through puddles
Then there was one enormous impossible-to-resist puddle…
boys jumping in muddy puddles
and really, how could they not (and yes, just one foot out of 6 is touching the floor here)?
boys splashing in muddy puddles
And once they started, it seemed rude not to continue…
boy high in air over muddy puddle
I can’t show you the photo which followed this one. You can’t see it through the muddy water all over the camera…
boy wading in muddy water
By this point I knew resistance was futile…
boys running through muddy water
So they simple went for it. In quite a big way.
cold boys
The journey home was a little chillier than they expected, mind (NO soggy muddy filthy jeans on my car seats, thank you…).
in the bath
But nothing beats that end-of-chilly-muddy-walk bubble bath, does it?
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