Had a film night with the older two boys, all piled on the sofa together. They began talking about the baby, and No.1 was concerned that we were calling it ‘it’.

‘its our baby, it should have anice name, not just ‘it’.

‘Okay, what? Fred? Mungo?’

Both boys laughed.

‘No’ continued No.1 ’something nice, but not for a boy or a girl, cos we don’t know what it is yet. How about… Plum?’ (we had been looking at baby books last week to find out how big our baby was, and it was the size of a plum, a fact that he obviously liked!).

‘Plum’s great, I like it! Baby Plum!’

‘Noooo!’ said Boy. ‘This is OUR baby, and its not going to be a plum, its going to be beautiful, and needs a beautiful name. Beautiful Sky.’ the 4 year old with the heart of a poet.

‘Sky is a little girly, poppet. How about Beautiful plum?’

Both boys consider it.

‘Yes’ they nod their agreemenet. ‘thats nice.’

So beautiful plum it is. And muchos kissing Plum gets from its big brothers, too.