Tea is back on the menu, Spots have miraculously stopped appearing, I sudeenly have enough energy to do the laundry… Have i turned a corner? Am starting to actually feel better!
Had first midwife appointment on Friday – she couldn’t hear the heartbeat, but heard the placenta, and two definite kicks.
She was a bit of a nightmare, kept not listening and disagreeing with my dates (then finally admitting i was right!), and saying i didn’t need al the pamphlet bumph on breastfeeding workshops and stuff – then handing them all to me two minutes later… But still, i now have my white folder of notes, and feel ‘officially’ pregnant!

Hassle booking me in for the nuchal scan – apparently I’m ‘too late’ at gone 13 weeks, as they have no free appointments for another couple of weeks. Costs them muchos squids ot send me to another hospital, and no one had the authority to nbook an out-of-hours appointment. The mw said she’ll call me on Monday.