Take one field.
Full of large round Straw bales.

The REALLY BIG kind.

Add four children, two *cough* grown ups, one dog and a dose of Autumn sunshine.

Hey Presto – mix it up and you get Four Hours of Silly.

And then we *might* have decided that enough wasn’t quite enough, and that maybe a little stop at the park on the way home was in order…

It *might* have been at ths point that things got a little out of hand, and C decided to jump onto the weird spinny-pole thing to see how it went.

And got stuck.

Spinning faster and faster whilst I laughed till I physically hurt.

Then he fell off and stayed on all fours, moaning, hands gripping the earth to stop it tipping.

At which point I may have been unable to breathe as the tears poured down my cheeks.

I may actually have made myself sick with laughing so hard.

*might* have happened. Not saying it did mind…