Once again, two nights ago C was being a total and utter arse. Honest. Sarcastic, sniping, moody, uncooperative, belligerent, Grade A knobcheese material.

So, naturally, we disagreed.

Quite loudly and vociferously, with a bit of mature name calling.

Lo and behold, next morning my period arrives, and the memory banks gleefully assure me that looking back, nothing he said was actually offensive at all…
Cue yet another monthly apology to the long-suffering husband (though we did nearly fall out again over his smugness, as half the row had been because he blamed my hormones).

The trouble is, its getting worse. And my cycle is horrideous.
I’m around 23-25 day cycle, and my period lasts for 7 days. So this is occurring once every 3 weeks now, and the PMT builds up over the course of the week leading up to the period – so he gets one week of me feeling limp & crap cos I bleed so heavily, one week of lovely always-perfect ME (*snort*), and one week of evil witchbitch with wool for brains.
And so we go round again.

Am off to the doctors on Tuesday – there MUST be something they can do apart from offering me the pill again, right?
I know it sounds trivial and amusing, but it’s past the point of being funny. I spent a (sleepless) night at the start of the holiday worrying what I’d do; he was being so nasty he was clearly about to divorce me…

And, of course, the constant 3-weekly totally-owed apologies are killing me…

Now I’ve typed all this, I have just remembered that upping my thyroid dose really helped last time this happened… maybe I need higher thyroid levels?

Hmmm. I’ve just googled, and hypothyroidism says
“Symptoms that commonly occur include: tiredness, weight gain, constipation, aches, feeling cold, dry skin, lifeless hair, fluid retention, mental slowing, and depression.”
– check all those. Then it goes on to say
“Less common symptoms include: a hoarse voice, irregular or heavy menstrual periods in women, infertility, loss of sex drive, carpal tunnel syndrome”.
C has commented only recently on how my voice is changing (check), periods we’ve already established (check), infertility (who’d know?), loss of sex drive (check), carpal tunnel syndrome (check)…

Okay, so I’ll maybe just skip the doctor and up my thyroid tabs for a week or two…