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The Gallery – Trees

Living where we do, we’re incredibly lucky. Dorset is a very woody county – small copses, ancient hedgerows, traditional deciduous woodlands, tall pine forests… never a walk goes by that we’re not surrounded by trees at some point. And of course with The Four trees mean climbing, and stick fights, and log jumping, and wood collecting, and weapon making and headdress creating, and hiding, and Block and shouting and fun. And I do have a gazillion and thirty three images showing all of that.


I wanted to show something else for this weeks gallery. Like many people, Trees, for me, are always a connection to the earth. A personal symbol of silent strength, and peace, and beauty. I frequently stroke the trunks as I pass, lean against them to pause a while, find a nook to climb into and sit and watch the world. Old stumps need company. Young trees earn a smile of encouragement. Twisted Oaks, Grand Beeches and Shimmering Hazel. I just love to… watch them. And be with them.

The way the sun peppers through the leaves, the stinging brilliance of the fresh lime green canopy against a blue sky, the sharpness in the black of a winters silhouette.


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