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Camping in North Yorkshire.

Well. We haven’t been camping since Boy was crawling – around eight years now. But as we actually have some time off this summer, we decided to get the children used to living under canvas. A perfect campsite was found, equipment was checked (an increased according to current family size), bags were packed, a last minute (as in the-night-before-we-leave-fixing-it-on-by-torchlight last minute)roof box was purchased, and we set off. It wasn’t a raging success – the weather was foul, freezing cold, and it was rather hard work. But the campsite was idyllic, the few sunny days made us realise how much we LOVE camping, and the children had a ball and can’t wait to go again! Obviousy there are a gazillion photos, but here’ s a pick of the best:

Holidays always seem to rejoin the dots in the family connections.
There was swimming in the river on the sunny days
The inevitable stone-skipping contests of course
There was dressing up as we explored fabulous castles
Not to mention the unforgettable day at Rievaulx Abbey
There were some seriously glorious sunsets - this is the view right from the tent.
and of course, when the sun went down...
you just can't beat a camp fire.
listening to Daddy's 'Otto' stories every night
and this one's just for the cute holding-hands-while-sleeping factor. :)
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