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I most jolly well WILL give my children biscuits.

So the school, in its Infinite Wisdom and tireless campaign to teach us stoopid parents how to feed our children has decided to ban all unhealthy snacks.

No more will children be allowed to scoff crisps and biscuits and chocolate at break time – no no no. Such bad small people, unwitting recipients of their wicked parents thoughtlessness in the snack department, will not only have their health imperiled by the dastardly munchings they were drooling over during Maths – they will also get to suffer the indignity of having their deemed-unsuitable morsel removed, forthwith.



See, I get it. I do. I know a lot of parents don’t get healthy snacks, and will drip feed their children rubbish if they can.


Really – is it the schools job to act as High Inquisitor? And by doing this, what are they actually teaching those parents?

After all – have we, the Dim Unknowing,  received sheets of snack suggestions from these zealous food educators? Guidance as to what is good/bad and WHY? You know, stuff that is, like, educational?


Surely, this is more important than the militant zero-tolerance approach?

AND, there’s this; my children rarely get crisps/chocolate/biscuits. We don’t keep them in the house, and just buy them sporadically for treats (with 6 of us, they don’t last long). And if I want to give my child a treat for his snack time, then who is the school to say I may not?

So a chocolate bar is out. But I can provide home-baked cakes/sweets with no issues at all. I can, in fact, provide brandy filled brownies without them batting an eyelid. But a Jaffa cake? *gasp in shock*

I have just one word for it.


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