Remember all the to-ing and fro-ing over which school?

We were feeling fairly confident in our choice – is a fair distance away (as opposed to school right on doorstep) but is a low intake year, so most should get first choice. But…

He wasn’t offered :(

Have spent a couple of weeks worrying that he’ll be in no way ready for the extended day the travelling would have involved anyway… But the first choice was an amazing school with fabulous opportunities. And now I feel like a pushy parent for being disappointed he didn’t get in to the ‘right’ school. The one local to us is perfectly good, small, personal, friendly and everything he needs right now. – is just very small (120 year group) and therefore lacks some of the bigger opportunities. The the bus-ride-away big school had amazing opportunities, and is everything he will  need in about a years time when he’s back to full power. And he was in love with the idea of going there.

No.1 is crushed.

To the point that even being able to go to school with his bestest mate in all the world is no compensation for missing out on going to the Chosen School. He’s asked us to appeal, which I guess we will, but goes against the grain to be all competitive-parent-do-the-RIGHT-school thing.


Anyhoo. Just thought I’d share.