We are, of course, deeply embedded in wedding season. Which means rare blogging moments.

The boys are doing way too much amusing of themselves during the day, whilst we beaver away till 2 or 3 in the morning, surface 5 hours later, and start all over again. But slightly less resentful this year – at least it’s money coming in, eh? And boys are older, and more able to entertain themselves.

Usually the weather slides off me, but am tired of the crapness this year. Things are harder and more expensive in the permanent rain. Plus this is the third year in a row – and we DESERVE a heatwave, dammit!
No.1’s not so good. Am going to chase his CFS care team today as we’ve still not heard a thing, but he’s not really coping with evenings/nights very well at all, and the tiredness is causing him to be moody and emotional during the day. Night times are regular tearful episodes, LOTS of pain, and no relief or help I can give in any way.

Breaking my heart to see my boy so sad.
Boy is… Boy! What my mother would have called ‘sparky’ – complete livewire, the fun of the family.

Jolly – yessss… we are still getting fist clenching nasal screeching hissy fits. But they are actually becoming slowly less recurrent – only one a day, and he usually gets a grip on himself before I get there (or else he has real genuine Big Brother reasons for said hissy fit). Still prone to give way to elder siblings regardless of request, but he’s slowly learning that it’s okay to stand up to them, and that sometimes he really is in the right.
Bear – is adorable and lovely and marvellous and the total princess of the family – the boys dote on her way more than we do, she only has to drop her bottom lip in an oh-so-cute pout and all three come running. But I’m having trouble potty training her, she has me flummoxed! She has perfect control – hardly ever has an accident, and never unknowingly ‘whoops, look, its all wet’. Instead she knows its coming, and hops from foot to foot, clutches herself and starts to cry for a nappy. I sit her on the potty – she starts off cheerfully enough and we have stories while she sits… then she gets up says ‘no wee’s! and beetles off. Ten minutes later she’s hopping again, and we do it all again, then 8 minutes, then 6 minutes. Yesterday it got to the point where she hadn’t been for 5 hours and had drunk 2 cups of diluted orange juice. Every time she stepped off the potty she cried and yelped for a nappy and crossed her legs and hopped really fast – but I sat her on the damn thing for half an hour, eventually having to sit next to her and hugged her while she cried and fretted at me to get off. She’s not frightened of the potty, just of letting go of the wee in it. She actually fell asleep on my shoulder sitting on it – I held her for a while, thinking her bladder would surely let go now… but no. Eventually laid her on the sofa, slipped a nappy on, came to wake her 20 minutes later and it was sodden. Grrrowl.
Anyone else had this? the boys all learned the same way – not much control, 10 wees a day, and we just got more and more of them actually in the potty. Never had to teach one to let go of it!

Oh, Gawd, look at that. I’m potty obsessed.. sorry! Right then. Am off to buy some slippers (can’t believe I had cold feet last night… its flippin August and I’m already chilly…)