We are the very baddest worstest awfulest parents in all the world.
We remembered Bear’s birthday of course – just for tomorrow.

And her birthday is today.

We missed our baby girl turn 2. :((
How crap are we, eh? We quite literally just had to check her passport. We firmly told friends it was Thursday – even the in laws had to ask us when it was a week ago, and we told them 22nd. The calenders are now carefully corrected, or she would’ve grown up celebrating on the wrong day.
Okay. You can stop alternating your gasps of horror with your snorts of laughter now.
On the upside, she has a beeyootiful pile of PPC (pink plastic crap)  to open tomorrow – best of which is this: http://www.thetoyshop.com/Toys/ChristmasCatalogue/P11PreSchool/PRD~355081/FisherPrice+Little+People+Dance+n+Twirl+Palace.jsp
Plus some fab lola and charlie dolls and some wooden L&C dominoes and some Fifi books and a great phonics fridge set and some of her fave wooden puzzles too. So she’ll be thoroughly spoilt (and actually with only one  – admittedly large – chunk of ppc.

Just a day late :(
Hello – my sleeps-all-night baby girl has just awoken. No doubt upset we forgot her birthday…