I have two very burned hands. Sob. And I can’t even ask for sympathy cos I’m the biggest thickest numpty on the planet.
Butternut squash roasting nicely for ten minutes, time to add the leeks and carrots. Prep them, add to their own dish, go to add to oven, but shelves are in the wrong place and they won’t go.
So I remove squash baking tray, place carefully on top of leeks/Carrots (with me so far?).
Using tea towel instead of oven gloves I switch the shelves over, then casually loop the tea towel under the too-hot baking tray to protect my fingers… forgetting about the top of the baking tray.
Cue loud shriek, baking tray on floor, butternut squash rolling past, me leaping for cold water.
I have two very pretty red shiny wrinkled square patches at the base of each thumb now.
Clever, no?