Busy few weeks. School holidays have launched themselves upon us again, pitted directly against C’s busiest time of year. We’ve been trying a balancing act, working like mad for a few days/nights a week, then takinga few days off with the boys to go do fun stuff. Has worked pretty well – except the house looks like a troll has moved in and rampaged with this years dirty laundry.

Why is sorting the laundry always bottom of my to do pile?

have taken myself in hand this week, having finally – FINALLY – found a little energy. The sickness is still occurring when I’m tired, I still can’t face any dairy except really strong cheddar, I still can’t manage more than two well-spaced-out very strong small cups of tea a day. I’m expanding, but not a pretty bump way, just in a fat-girl-gets-fatter way.

Have purchased a Lateral thigh trainer. Swimming pool is just too far to realistically assume I’ll make it more than once a week at tops. A stepping machine in the playroom which I canuse every day for ten minutes is far more attainable. Am worried about my weight this time – more so than the cholestasis. Though am worried about that too.

But have so far pretty well avoided the pregnancy worry thing. I’m sure it’ll come!

Still not feeling many movements very often, so have to presume the placenta is growing nicely. Have our next scan the day the boys go back to school, so will need ot move it (note to self – get on and move it instead of moving the reminder post-it around the desk).

Boobs still expanding gracefully, a little tender, but looking magnificent!