was today!

We discussed boys names all the way there. Carefully skirted the ’shall we/shan’t we ask the sex’ issue entirely.
Walking in, we decided to wait and see how we felt once in the room (big planners, you see. Weeks of agnosing, and we finally decide to leave it to a spur of the moment decision).

Sonographer was lovely.
Had me turning this way and that so she could see all angles.
Finally decided, after much nodding and winking and prodding between us, to raise the issue of whether she could tell what colour.

Still purple!!!
Cos she was working through the depth of the placenta AND ‘a little extra padding’ as she put it, the picture was really murky and gloomy. She struggled to see all the points she needed to measure (all fine, btw, everything present and correct), and there was no way she could tell the colour.
So it was decided for us in the end.
So we’ll have to wait!