For 24 hours we panicked, to be honest. We have three beautiful boys, and I have finally adjusted to never being pregnant again. I never thought I could cope with more children in the house, but so loved being pregnant that saying goodbye to that part of my life was very hard.

But we’ve left the baby stage – Toby is 3½ now, he can put on his own shoes, wears no nappies, feeds himself.. life was starting to take a different, more adventurous turn.

Our house is big enough, we can pretty much afford a new baby… but our biggest fear was that fact that we have no time for the boys as it is with both businesses. And they would be the ones to suffer lack of my attention with a new baby in the house. And they have to be our first priority.

Plus, with my history of obstetric cholestasis, there is always a risk to the baby to consider, not to mention the amount of time the last trimester will take up with tests and hospital visits.

We saw the doctor to discuss all our options. He was sweet, kind, and gave us the number of a ‘pregnancy in crisis’ counselling centre. He also arranged for a quick scan to find out how far along we were.

It was about 20 minutes after we got home that C looked at me, grinned, and said ‘let’s have it.’

How my heart expanded with love for my man at that moment! Until that instant, I didn’t know what to do. But as soon as he said it, I realised that there had never really been any question.

Besides, we have 3 already – whats one more, right?