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Possibly my favourite puppy picture so far

Blue finally gets to meet The Big Outside – Win Green

(I know, I know, something other than puppy-posts soon, I promise. She’s a bit all-consuming at the moment!) So, finally,…

Blue meets snow…

And so, the chewing begins…

Carpet. Wallpaper. Skirting Board. Cushions. Furniture. *sigh* Even taking a photo doesn’t keep you safe from the Tooth Quest…

Blue would like to say hello

So. in all the excitement I forgot the details. We have been thinking about a puppy for a lo-o-ong time….

Rottweiler Puppies like carrots.

…after she spent ten minutes running away from it, sneaking up on it, pouncing on it and then killing it….

She sleeps.

That’s all.

Oh. My. *sque-e-e-e-ak*

Look what c just brought home. Or rather – WHO C just brought home. We had no clue – he…

Blue has a Busy Day

She figured out what it means we the silver bowl goes up on the kitchen surface. She had her first…

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